Everything you need for commercial telephony services

Have complete control over the services you offer your customers

Charging for calls becomes much easier with our marketing and billing features. You can offer pre-paid and post-paid calls to your customers under your terms and your brand, with extensive control over pricing.

The processes involved are either done automatically by the system or require little effort from you. For instance, new customers can sign up using an online self-service wizard. You can offer rate plans based on features, package limits, and more.

The system owner and resellers can set their own prices for outbound calls, numbers, telephone lines, etc. Each reseller can define as many rate plans as they wish, and assign different customers different plans.

You and your resellers have access to a web interface that is feature rich and fully customisable, from prices and rate plans to invoicing and design.

Billing features include recurring billing, invoicing, recurring billing, taxes and fees calculation, and delivery of reminders for overdue payments.

Marketing and billing features: